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Our culture

We are a close-knit, collaborative company that recruits and retains the industry’s top talent. Known for our exceptional work environment, our management structure is lean, which provides plenty of opportunity for professional development.

We promote a culture that reveres self-starting independence and creative teamwork between disciplines.


Ehvert takes the time to fully analyze your business and its processes before we design infrastructure systems that meet your specific requirements. We are able to engineer, model, integrate, service and support complete building and IT infrastructure solutions. The result is better solutions, with less risk and at a lower cost, that support and accommodate your future business needs.


The construction industry lags all others in the adoption of technology. Productivity rates in this industry have been stagnant for many years. Ehvert is driving the adoption of building information modelling (BIM) and associated services in the Canadian construction industry. After creating very detailed virtual building models, we provide on-site layout and coordination services using 3-D laser scanners and advanced surveying technologies. Particularly on complex capital projects, these services have achieved labour of savings of 30-50%, drastically reducing costs and construction timelines.

Our construction support services significantly reduce the frequency of change orders, labour requirements, material waste, and the risk of budget or schedule overages.


With the movement toward intelligent building designs, traditional IT and control systems are now required to integrate with a diverse set of engineering and facilities environments. With experts in the fields of engineering, technology, and construction, Ehvert provides a wide range of systems integration services for IT and building infrastructure to meet today’s challenges.


Ehvert offers a broad range of service and support solutions to meet your technology requirements. By being involved throughout the design, build and integration process, we are able to work closely with your technical staff or assume management responsibilities for technical support of new system solutions. While our service and support teams focus on your technology, you can focus on managing and growing your business.