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Energy Efficiency Services

Energy costs are rising every year, driving up operating costs in all industries. Aging buildings are often incredibly inefficient in comparison to newly constructed facilities. This poses an incredible opportunity for property owners to drive down costs by reducing the energy consumed by their buildings. These savings do not always require major capital upgrades.

Ehvert has the expertise required to perform high-quality energy audits, energy modelling, and energy retrofits. We have worked with developers, utilities, governments, and carriers to drastically reduce the energy consumption of their facilities.

The various energy savings measures may include simple changes such as modified control systems and programming, or more substantial upgrades to lighting, HVAC equipment, windows, insulation, or the implementation of variable-frequency drives for motors.

Software Packages

Ehvert has worked with a variety of software packages and interfaces to complete its modelling. These include:

  • Trane TRACE 700,
  • EnergyPlus,
  • Green Building Studio
  • eQUEST & CAN-QUEST, and
  • DOE-2.
Energy Efficiency Building Model

Virtual 3D model of a facility.

Energy Efficiency Green Building Studio

Graphical representation in Autodesk’s Green Building Studio.

Energy Performance Contracting

To align our incentives with yours, Ehvert often implements energy efficiency projects under energy performance contracts. Under this scheme, the energy audits and capital improvements are performed with no upfront costs. These services are paid out over time, as the building owner or client accrues savings in their utility bills.

Energy performance contracts ensure that upgrades are performed only when the value of the savings outweigh the costs.

Utility Incentives

The requirements of utility incentives vary greatly. Utilities often mandate applicants to use certain software packages or processes to complete their energy efficiency services projects. Our broad range of experience allows us to easily comply with all of these requirements.

Ehvert has worked with a number of utilities to secure incentives for our clients and reduce the initial cost of energy retrofits. Our work with energy-savings incentive programs has saved our clients millions of dollars.