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Electrical Engineering

Ehvert offers a full suite of electrical design and analytical services, including:

  • Full design, procurement and implementation of normal and critical power services
  • UPS and emergency power supply systems

We can also provide comprehensive fire detection, security, access control and facilities monitoring solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

There is exceptional depth to Ehvert’s mechanical engineering capabilities. Assignments can range from mission-critical facilities to computer data sites, to call centres and trading floors. Our mechanical engineers focus on providing solutions that integrate sustainable technologies to lower power consumption, reduce operations costs and improve efficiency of the mechanical systems within the facility.

Fire Protection

Ehvert has a breadth of experience and expertise in the development and execution of fire protection systems specifically for data centres and electrical infrastructure spaces.  Ehvert develops custom solutions including pre-action dry system and inert fire protection systems that provide advanced fire suppression to protect your hardware and infrastructure investment.

Controls Engineering

Ehvert implements customized controls systems that both monitor and control the critical environment. These controls provide operators and owners a digital dashboard that provides an overview of the operating conditions of each system and sub-system as well as providing alarming and control capabilities. Our system includes a central interface with the mechanical, electrical and other equipment with exact monitoring and control points determined during the schematic and detailed design phases.

Security Engineering

Ehvert provides security design for a variety of spaces including base building and mission- critical facilities such as data centres. Our security design focuses on protection of assets and restriction of personnel flow to meet the levels of security essential for your specific project.

We work alongside those responsible for building security to determine the particular requirements of the space. Security zone may include: site, building perimeter, interior public and common spaces, base building areas, elevators, and tenant spaces. Within the tenant spaces additional zones may include reception, employee and secure areas.